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The pen is mightier that the sword

After lots of hard work we have completed our comprehension project. You were able to Students will be able to: – Interpret texts, documents, and other forms of evidence, in their historical context. – Understand how countries are formed and … Continue reading

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Final Project: Conflicts in the world today

Choose a conflict to investigate Include: -Contries participating -Conflict: what is happening? -Illustrate with pictures and find sources. -What could be a solution? YEMEM 2. US-Chinese Tensions 3. Afghanistan 4. Syria 5. Cameroon … Continue reading

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Final product: The Pen is more powerful than the sword

Here the first part towards our final product! Let’s imagine Alfred the Great has a facebook profile Create his profile -What would he post? -Who could be his friends? Prepare a timeline: Include: -all the inhabitants of the British … Continue reading

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The Anglo-Saxons

Take a lo0k at the following presentation and takes notes about the Anglo-Saxons. Anglo saxons from Pato_Ch How are they different from the Romans? Here a link to the BBC page with some important information about how Anglo-saxons lived.

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When the Romans came to Britain they brought their way of life with them. Over time, the people of Britain and the Romans mixed. The Britons began to live the Roman lifestyle and the Romans took on local customs. The … Continue reading

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Answer these questions 1. Explain how Rachel can be eleven, but also all her younger ages as well. 2. Why does Rachel say the cake will be “too late”? 3. which is your favourite part of the story? Say why.  

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The Celts

Our project has just started and we have a lot to learn!!! Today we have learnt about the Celts. Here the presentation we saw. The celts new de Pato_Ch In class you took notes and then you shared notes with … Continue reading

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