The pen is mightier that the sword

After lots of hard work we have completed our comprehension project. You were able to Students will be able to:

– Interpret texts, documents, and other forms of evidence, in their historical context.

– Understand how countries are formed and the different stages they go through before finally becoming a recognized nation.

– Understand how different people lived.

– Understand that wars were necessary at that time since communication was inefficient.

– Reflect on the importance of education so as to negotiate and avoid wars.

Our starting point were the first inhabitants in the British Isles: The Celts, The Romans and The Anglo-Saxons. The finishing line was set in our times. You were able to connect all the information you studied with what happens today in countries like Afghanistan, Venezuela or even China.

Here are some of your final presentations. Excellent work!” target=”_blank”>colegiolascumbres

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