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Final Project: Conflicts in the world today

Choose a conflict to investigate Include: -Contries participating -Conflict: what is happening? -Illustrate with pictures and find sources. -What could be a solution? YEMEM 2. US-Chinese Tensions 3. Afghanistan 4. Syria 5. Cameroon … Continue reading

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Final product: The Pen is more powerful than the sword

Here the first part towards our final product! Let’s imagine Alfred the Great has a facebook profile Create his profile -What would he post? -Who could be his friends? Prepare a timeline: Include: -all the inhabitants of the British … Continue reading

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Flipped Classroom – Unit 4

Read the following text: The 1940s house from marudiaz77 Now, complete this activity: Let’s watch this tutorial on the use of adjectives and adverbs: Now, let’s study a little bit. Click on the card to see the corresponding adverb. So … Continue reading

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