Homework 11/04

I share with you the corrections to the Revision for the Quiz (Thursday’s homework)

Complete the questions with the correct form of make or do. Then match questions 1-7 to answers a-g

  1. When did you last make a big mistake? (G)
  2. When do you usually do your homework? (E)
  3. Who are you making a phone call to at the moment? (D)
  4. What sports do you do? (C)
  5. What’s the best way to make new friends? (A)
  6. Is your sister making a long journey? (F)
  7.  Who does the most housework in your home? (B)

Complete the sentences. Use the present continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

  1. It is snowing at the moment.
  2. I am not doing anything right now.
  3. Gina and Paul are trying to make a meal over a fire.
  4. Are you writing your essay?
  5. They aren’t opening the new school this month.
  6. What time are we leaving on Friday?

Complete the sentences. Use the present continuous form of the verbs below.

  1. It’s nearly seven o’clock. Are you getting ready.
  2. Leo is making a mess with those paints.
  3. I’m nearly ready. I am brushing my teeth.
  4. We aren’t organizing the party. Kim is doing it.
  5. She isn’t very good at cooking, but she is doing her best.
  6. Chris and Phil are playing tennis this afternoon.

Complete the sentences. Use the present simple or present continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

  1. Can you help me? I am looking for a good hostel.
  2. The children’s English isn’t very good, but it is getting better.
  3. My friend and I chat online about twice a week.
  4. Are Sally and Naomi coming to watch the match later?
  5. I don’t have the same thing for breakfast every day.
  6. This project is hard work. You need to be very fit and healthy.
  7. We are meeting Samuel at eight o’clock tonight.
  8. Do you prefer hot or cold weather?

Choose the correct word.

  1. Carol goes to school by train.
  2. My father often flies to Italy for his work.
  3. Helen washes her hair every day.
  4. Our friends don’t live very far away from here.
  5. Does Paul have a big family?
  6. My sister doesn’t finish school at 4 p.m.

Put the words in order to make sentences.

  1. I don’t usually have breakfast.
  2. Does your brother buy a new car every year.
  3. We never go to bed before eleven o’clock.
  4. Paula is often late for class.
  5. We sometimes have our lunch at home.
  6. Simon’s parents always watch T.V in the afternoon.
  7. Do you often go to the cinema?

Complete the sentences with a/an or the.

  1. We had a great meal in an Indian restaurant called Mumtaz.
  2. Let’s eat in the restaurant across the road tonight.
  3. The bank that my father works in is opposite my school.
  4. Gina works in a bank. I don’t know which one.
  5. I talked to an interesting woman at the bus stop this morning.
  6. The woman who lives next door used to be an actress.

Add the once or twice to each sentence.

  1. It rains a lot in the UK.
  2. When was the last time you saw Aunt Carla?
  3. It’s been very wet recently. The rain is damaging the flowers in our garden.
  4. We’re spending some time in France. We’re staying in an apartment near the river Seine.
  5. We got to the airport very early, and had to wait a long time for the flight.
  6. You can0t eat in here. Look at the signals on the walls.
  7. The dog looked very thirsty, so we went to look for water.
  8. Don’t ever look directly at the sun.
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