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Bella´s Home

In this first unit of the Oxford Discover we have been learning about where we are in the universe. We read a poem that a science teacher wrote to help his daughter understand that the sun was only one star … Continue reading

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Miss Mechi’s Oral Presentation

Hi children! This is my oral presentation about the Solar System. I hope you like it! Now it’s your turn to do yours! Are you ready? I’m eager to see them!!!

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March, 22nd

Today we learned the difference between WILL and GOING TO.

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Today Mechy gave us the clean copy from the last week. we did some photocpoies to go over the vocabulary of the universe and then we used the Oxford Discover to learn about predictions and facts.

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March, 19th

Today we had lots of fun creating some collages to illustrate the poem we’ve been working on, called Bella’s Home. We’ll publish our creations soon! Meanwhile you can peep into our classroom and see how we’ve worked.

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March 16th

We checked the answers of  making questions. We read a poem of the oxford discover called  Bella´s  Home. We did a reading comprehension and a listening comprehension about the story.

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March, 14th

Today we corrected an exercise about making questions and another about tenses. Then we went to the break. Then we saw the first unit of the Oxford Discover about the Universe.

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March, 12th

We corrected an activity about simple past and past continuous. We did an activity about wh words and we practised making questions.

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Thursday: First of all we do some photocopies from the tenses, Then we go to the break, then we do a lot of photocopies more. Friday:Today first of all we talk about the corrections codes from the sumary. Then we go … Continue reading

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What we did today

Today we received the certificates of the Cambridge Movers Exams. We worked with the simple present tense and present continuous.

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