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Nico, we’ll miss you a lot!!!!!

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Feli’s Special Day

Feli prepared a PPT presentation on his vacations in Brazil. He told us everything he did there. What a nice place!

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Writing – Describing a Pet (Unit 3)

We are describing pets in this Unit. Today we’ve worked together and we’ve written some ideas on the board. You may have a look at the pictures that may help you when writing a description.  

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Euge’s Special Day

Euge showed us photos and talked about her holidays in Pinamar and Córdoba. We loved those places!!!

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Dictation # 8- Tuesday, June 21st

Zebras live out on the plains where lions come and go. Crocodiles live in lakes and rivers, and fish and snakes do, too. Whales and sharks and jellyfish swim in the ocean blue.

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Present Continuous Tutorials

Have a look at these tutorials. They will help you revise and remember! Click on the images to watch the videos.  

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Dictation #7 – Tuesday, June 14th

Animals do amazing things and have amazing habits. Some we like to keep at home, like cats and dogs and rabbits. Animals live all over the world in many kinds of homes.

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Fran’s Special Day

Fran showed us photos of the 2016 Camping Trip. They played games, set up tents and even built a camp fire! What an amazing experience!!

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