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Juani’s Special Day

Juani showed us photos and talked about her vacations in Mar Azul. Thanks Juani! It was great!

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Jaime’s Special Day

Jaime prepared a great presentation using PowToon. He told us about his favorite food, place and golf and footbal players. It was fun!!

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Dictation #4 – Tuesday, April 26th

I like it when we get together. We talk, laugh and play games. There is plenty of food to eat. There is plenty of noise! You can tell that everyone is happy to be together.

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Unit 1 Vocabulary Project

In order to revise the vocabulary of the unit and so as to help others to learn vocabulary, we created a “Picture Dictionary” on the vocabulary of the Unit. We used ThingLink and created these tagged pictures. Have a quick … Continue reading

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Mery’s Special Day

Mery prepared a wonderful presentation on Sierra de la Ventana. We learnt a lot about it! How interesting!

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Describe a Person – Unit 1

Dear children, Why don’t you show your family and friends your descriptions? Write one of your descriptions on a sticky note on this canvas. I’m looking forward to reading them! Love, Fini  

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Let’s revise!!!!

Let’s revise! Click on Junior 3 Games on the right and revise the following topics: 1- Present Simple 2- Body 3- Professions 4- House 5- Family Have fun!!

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