Flipped Classroom – Unit 4

Read the following text:

Now, complete this activity:

Let’s watch this tutorial on the use of adjectives and adverbs:

Now, let’s study a little bit. Click on the card to see the corresponding adverb.

So then, to form adverbs from adjectives we:

add -ly

change -y at the of of adjectives to -i and add -ly

Now, let’s practice:

Now that you have checked the use of adverbs and adjectives let´s do an exercise:

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William of Normandy changed the history of Europe

Let’s work on the video


The video shows the Bayeux Tapestry that illustrates the battle of Hastings and the song refers to William as the first Norman king. The lyrics are not given but it is easy to follow.

Test on Norman England


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The Kites are Flying

In 2002, Israel decided to build a “security fence” in the West Bank.

What is the fence?

In fact, it’s part-wall, part-fence. Most of its 440-mile length is made up of a concrete base, topped by five metres of wire. Ditches and rolls of barbed wire are on either side of the fence.

A giant fence has been built between Israel and Palestinian territories

Why is Israel building it?
It says the fence will stop Palestinian would-be suicide bombers from entering Israel and attacking Israeli people.

What are the main objections to the fence?
Palestinian land has been taken away to build the fence and hundreds of Palestinians have been cut off from their land, schools or places of work.

What does Israel say about the fence?
It says the fence is purely for security and that it is temporary. It says it has nothing to do with a future border and there’s nothing to stop the fence being removed once the two sides agree who’s having what land. 

What does the United Nations think about the fence? 
It’s not happy. It’s issued a report saying the fence is not a good idea and that it is illegal.

Check out this webpages: Israel & Palestine  There is a guide to understand this conflict. Take a close look at it and take notes in your folder.

Let´s watch a video to understand a little bit more about the CONFLICT ZONE

Now….we are ready to start reading the book!!

Resultado de imagen para kites are flying

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Norman England

  1. Read about the Battle of Hastings

Here another link to help you understand:


2. Watch the following video

3. Explain what happened with your own words.

4. Who finally became King of England?

5.Find a picture of a Norman Castle in Britain and describe it. Why were castles important?


Share a drive with all this information.

After sending your work to me, play the following game

Play this game

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Who should be the next king of England?

King Edward lll of England (called “The Confessor”  because he built Westminster Abbey) died on  January 5, 1066, after a reign of 23 years. Leaving no  heirs, Edward’s passing ignited a three-way rivalry  for the crown that culminated in the Battle of Hastings and the destruction of the Anglo-Saxon rule of England.

Who should be the next King?

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The pen is mightier that the sword

After lots of hard work we have completed our comprehension project. You were able to Students will be able to:

– Interpret texts, documents, and other forms of evidence, in their historical context.

– Understand how countries are formed and the different stages they go through before finally becoming a recognized nation.

– Understand how different people lived.

– Understand that wars were necessary at that time since communication was inefficient.

– Reflect on the importance of education so as to negotiate and avoid wars.

Our starting point were the first inhabitants in the British Isles: The Celts, The Romans and The Anglo-Saxons. The finishing line was set in our times. You were able to connect all the information you studied with what happens today in countries like Afghanistan, Venezuela or even China.

Here are some of your final presentations. Excellent work!

are.net/colegiolascumbres” target=”_blank”>colegiolascumbres

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